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Shifting Perspectives: Tanking and healing the new Zul'Gurub, part 2

Allison Robert

Kilnara trash

Crowd control the caster in pulls if possible -- they heal, and it gets annoying fast. Two panther mobs are in each pull and will randomly attack and leave bleeds on players. Again, this is an ability you can expect to see on the boss fight. The bleed isn't particularly potent -- one Rejuvenation should take care of most of the damage -- but it will add up quickly with lots of panthers on one target. Hint, hint.

High Priestess Kilnara ("panther boss")

Overall, this is the fight that bears the most resemblance to its original Zul'Gurub incarnation. Kilnara is a caster-type attacker with only one real ability of note and a butt-ton of panther adds.
  • If you're tanking This fight is all about how you handle the adds. Advise the group to ignore Kilnara herself until all or most of her panther buddies are dead. Whatever cats are alive by the time she switches to panther form (which I think is around 40%) will all instantly aggro, so your aim is to keep that number to an absolute minimum if it exists at all. The panthers randomly charge and leave bleeds on people, but you'll still be the one worrying about most of their damage. Multiple bleeds from whatever kitties you're tanking are going to put a big dent in your health pool, so it's usually better to blow cooldowns earlier rather than later -- and try to limit the number of panther adds you have active at a time. Once the adds are dead, Kilnara's damage isn't too bad, although she will gain a haste buff once she pops into panther form. Where you tank her doesn't really matter, and the 3-second Swipe we've got in 4.1 will be helpful for AoE tanking. Otherwise, interrupt her Shadowbolt attack as much as you can and encourage your DPS to do so as well.
  • If you're healing Tank damage will be fairly high during the first part of the fight assuming you deal with panthers first (and you generally should); the bleeds are a real nuisance if the tank isn't well-geared, and the adds' random jumps and bleeds around the group won't help matters. Tree Form and/or an early Tranquility will go a long way toward dealing with the worst of the damage, but warn your tank if he/she is taking too many panthers at a time for you to heal through. When she turns into a panther and shakes the building, there'll probably be some incidental damage to heal around the group from cave-ins, but it's not bad as long as people aren't sitting in it.
Zanzil ("cauldron boss")

This fight is somewhat similar to the penultimate boss in heroic Shadowfang Keep in that you'll need to worry about responding to different debuffs in a timely fashion. Zanzil will slap three different debuffs/conditions/problems on the group: poison, zombies, and dire trolls. You need to click one of three specific cauldrons around the enclosure to deal with the problems that result. Apart from that, Zanzil's only ability of note shoots green fire in a straight line toward a player, and it's easy enough to avoid.

When there's poison all over the floor, you've got to click the green cauldron in order to avoid 90% of this damage. Not doing so will leave you taking around 30,000 damage a second.

When he summons zombies, you've got to click the red cauldron to gain a fire AoE damage ability that will stomp them pretty quickly. Be forewarned that this will do some damage to you as well.

When he summons a dire troll (Zanzil Berserker), you've got to click the frost (read: white) cauldron and then hit it with something. This will freeze the Berserker in place, which is where you want it to be, given its huge melee damage. They don't have a lot of health and are very easy to get down once frozen, especially because they focus one player to follow and you've got an idea of where they're going.
  • If you're tanking This really isn't a tough fight to tank, and your responsibilities are largely the same as the group's. However, let the ranged DPS handle the Berserkers; just run away if you get focused to give them time to freeze it.
  • If you're healing This can be an ugly fight to heal when people are new to it, particularly with the dire trolls and poison. Healing 30,000 DPS on multiple people is a huge nuisance, so ride your group about getting to the green cauldron as quickly as possible. Don't bother picking up the fire cauldron buff at any point, because you shouldn't be in the middle of the zombie pack anyway.
Jin'Do the Godbreaker

Ack. I actually have yet to fight this guy, so I'm uncomfortable giving any advice on him. However, this video is what I've watched to gain familiarity with the fight in advance.

Shifting Perspectives helps you gear your bear druid at 85, tempts you with weapons, trinkets and relics for bears, then shows you what to do with it all in Feral Druid Tanking 101. We'll also help you gear your resto druid.

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