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Skinny-dipping in RIFT's River of Souls


"All will fall! All will serve!" With these chilling words, RIFT will launch its first major post-release event: the River of Souls.

With cultists stomping all across Telara, bad things were bound to happen sooner or later. Alsbeth the Discordant, Queen of the Endless Court, is making a play for world domination. Starting March 30th and going for about a week, Alsbeth will launch massive Death invasions across every zone in RIFT. If players decide to push back, they may be rewarded with unique goodies such as a Spectral Horse mount and a disguise that turns you into an undead.

The event also includes a new 20-man raid called (appropriately) the River of Souls. The soulstream is the final resting place of all of Telara's deceased -- however, Alsbeth and her cronies are plucking souls out of it and forcing them back into service. This raid becomes accessible if the players are victorious enough in their efforts to fight Alsbeth, and it's only here that she can be fought face-to-face.

There are plenty of new details on this event today. The RIFT Podcast team sat down with RIFT team member Adam Hetenyi to talk about River of Souls. We have several new pictures of the event in the gallery below and a trailer with Alsbeth's pep talk after the jump, so check it out!

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