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Tuesday Morning Post: Rearrangement envy edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. This is a banner week for every WoW altoholic. After years of struggle, a new dawn is upon us. We have learned that patch 4.2 will herald the greatest change ever to grace us in these 6 years. That's right: We get the ability to reorganize our character list. Finally, my poor death knight will not be banished under loads of mules and rarely played or abandoned alts. He can take his rightful position at the head of my list. You hear that buddy? Everything's going to be okay.

There's plenty of other juicy WoW news to be had, both from the PTR and elsewhere, and we have a quick roundup of the latest stuff for you as usual. You can check it out while you're waiting for the rolling restarts to get finished. They'll start at 5 a.m. Pacific time and last about an hour. Me, I've decided to spend the downtime watching Gnome Fukkireta over and over again, so I'll see you on the flipside.

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