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WoW Moviewatch: The Lament of Captain Placeholder


Once upon a time, the boats of Azeroth were decidedly unsafe. They would spontaneously disappear, stranding boatloads of players in the ocean. Within moments, fatigue would claim the lives of these player characters. As a temporary solution, Blizzard dropped Captain Paceholder on the shores of Menethil. The good captain would simply teleport you from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor.

When the boats were fixed, Captain Placeholder was removed. His brief stay in Azeroth deeply touched all of us. This deep longing for our old friend led to the creation of The Lament of Captain Placeholder. Eledainn penned the words, and Cranius made the music.

This lament is still one of the finest WoW songs out there. It's playful, poetic, and excellently performed. Even if you don't know or care about Captain Placeholder, hopefully you can enjoy the song.

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