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RIFT integrates video capture and uploading to YouTube

Video may have killed the radio star, but interesting clips from MMOs become the stuff of viral legends. Now, thanks to Trion adding YouTube posting integration to RIFT, players no longer need to rely on an external video recording setup to capture their gaming action and send it out for complete strangers on the internet to watch. That's right, you too can share your finest moments of pwnage easily thanks to the integrated YouTube uploader. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be glad to hear that the RIFT uploader tool doesn't automatically add Linkin Park, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, or any similarly metallic soundtrack to the clips. (We would note that it will capture all sounds on the computer, so if you're playing goofy music or sexytalking on VOIP, be warned!)

According to our very own Beau, who loves nothing more than to upload lots of video, RIFT's movie feature is extremely simple to use. All you'll need to do is to connect your YouTube account from inside your RIFT account settings, much like you currently do with Twitter. From there, hitting CTRL-Y will start the recording, and pressing CTRL-Y a second time will stop it. The video is encoded automatically, and a small button will appear in the corner of your screen when your video is ready to upload. Just click the button and off to YouTube it goes! Beau also noted that if you have Twitter connected to your account, RIFT will send out a tweet telling your Twitter friends that you've uploaded a new game video to YouTube. As such, you may want to hold off on using the new video feature during any "sick" days at home.

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