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CoH March Producer's letter addresses I20, Global Server Lists, and more

After a great run at PAX East, the team at Paragon Studios is back at the office and working hard on the next update coming to City of Heroes. According to the March Producer's Letter by Nate "Second Measure" Birkholz, players can expect Issue 20, which will bring in the new Incarnate powers for players, to go live next week. Along with this announcement is the news that a respec will be available with the launch of I20, as well as another one later in April when the Anniversary celebrations get underway -- so you'll have a chance to tinker further with your new builds!

That said, the bulk of the March update is spent offering some thoughts from the Paragon Studios team in regard to the upcoming Global Server List changes. As Birkholz notes, the studio "know(s) that your online and in-game identities are important. City of Heroes is at its heart a game about who you are, not just what you do." So if you have some trepidation about the way changes are coming then you'll definitely want to check out Birkholz' letter for more insights on what they might mean for you. Also, don't forget to leave your feedback on the connected forum thread.

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