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Fallen Earth takes us to Terminal Woods in a new video


Some folks like to get away from it all, step out of the bustle of the big city and relax in untouched nature. Perhaps you're one of the people who like to do that in your MMORPG. Well, too bad! The forests of Fallen Earth are swarming with feral fauna and grotesque ghouls born out of the apocalypse.

Patch 1.8 introduced the survivors to Terminal Woods, an all-new area of the wasteland. Crafters are introduced to a new ecosystem, recipes, and gear. For those who prefer more combat in their MMO, Terminal Woods grants them new bosses, missions, and more action combat.

Massively's Edward Marshall wrote about his experiences in the update for the post-apocalyptic MMO in a recent Wasteland Diary, and we snagged a new video displaying some of the changes for the patch. Follow after the break for the full video featuring the music of Kataklysm.

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