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Native Instruments rolls out Traktor 2, Maschine 1.6 update


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There isn't any hardware that will make you a better (or hell, a good) DJ, although we always seem to forget this whenever we see one of Native Instruments' invariably mind-blowing product demos. If you're a DMC-level DJ, it certainly looks like the newly available Traktor 2 will suit all of your needs nicely. If you're not? Well, you can always enjoy DJ Craze going wild on the video after the break (be advised, however, that the F-bomb drops about a gazillion times on the thing, so this might not be safe for your workplace). And while we're at it, if you own NI's Maschine, the 1.6 software that we first got a look at in early February is available: launch the NI Service Center app to upgrade.

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