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The MMO Report: May the beard be with you edition

With great facial hair comes great responsibility, as Casey Schreiner knows. This week on The MMO Report, we're given not only a healthy serving of news and views on all things MMO but also a glimpse into past-Casey. We also learn of time-traveling-Casey, who apparently shares beard-care tips with the early Jedi.

First up, it's a look into the news about Defiance, the upcoming sci-fi MMO from Trion Worlds and the Syfy Channel. That, in turn, leads us to ask: Does anyone else look at the channel name and want to pronounce it "siffy?" After that, we get a look at a shockingly Schreineresque Jedi in the Star Wars: The Old Republic newsbyte. Charging onwards, it's a note on the EVE Online/DUST 514 cinematic from Fanfest that CCP released to the drunken capsuleer masses -- and then the rest of us. Next up, it's time to look at the toad-ally awesome Guild Wars 2 Hylek, and finally we finish off with the standard sack silliness, including a bit of internet archaeology.

Check out this week's episode behind the break -- and don't forget you can see it every Thursday on G4TV!

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