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Twitter for iPhone updated, QuickBar is dead


The Twitter for iPhone app has been updated (again), and this time the company has included the change everyone's been waiting for: the QuickBar, which featured trending terms along with some paid placement phrases, has been removed from the app. Twitter deftly sidesteps the actual reason why the bar was removed, but their reasoning basically lands on the idea that the bar didn't "improve the user experience" or serve the mission of connecting people to trends on the service. Whatever the reasons, the QuickBar is gone, despite what Twitter says are "incredibly high usage metrics," so the voice of the crowd wins this round.

Twitter says it will continue to experiment boldly, however, so it's unlikely that the trending topics are going to be gone for good. Still, after all of the fervor around this particular feature, it is nice to see that the company is taking public outcry into consideration. Those against the QuickBar (who gave it all of its silly monikers) will be happy to hear about the update.

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