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TERA box art revealed, game one step closer to release


Upcoming fantasy MMO TERA has been in closed beta for some time and is fast approaching release. Created by Korea-based developer Blue Hole Studio, the game is due to be published in North America and Europe by En Masse Entertainment and Frogster respectively. With the game's first big community testing event officially starting tomorrow, fans of the game will finally get to try it out.

took another step toward realisation today as En Masse has given fans a first glimpse of the official box art. The colour schemes and visual styles in the box art are designed to mirror the styles you'll find in the game once it's released. In a refreshing change, the female character featured in the image is a lot more conservatively dressed than is usually expected from box art or from TERA. Head over to the official TERA website for a sneak peek at the new box art.

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