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The Daily Grind: Has this ever happened to you?

Eliot Lefebvre

You know how it goes. You log in to [MMO] expecting to [verb] a [noun] or two, when out of nowhere an enormous [noun] shows up. Next thing you know you've been playing for [number] hours, you can't feel your feet, and you're pretty sure that you smell worse than [game developer] after [verb ending in -ing] for the better part of a week. Not to mention that you're pretty certain you've completely destroyed your [noun] in the excitement, and that's going to set you back at least $[number].

So what do you do when you have to deal with [noun]? Is that your sign that it's time to [verb] your [noun] with your favorite [weapon type], or do you just think that you'd be better off with [adjective] NPCs to help you [verb]? Are you [emotion] when it happens, or just left to wonder what in the holy [animal] went wrong?

Games Journalism sure is hard work, so we've decided to take a break today and let you write your own news! Too many stories about RIFT on Massively lately? Not enough about the game of your choice? No problem! Much in the style of Mad Libs, today is your day to create the news you want to read, all day on the :30s. Simply fill in the blanks and it's yours. Have fun!

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