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Cablevision releases iPad app for cable subscribers


Not to be outdone by Time Warner, Cablevision has released Optimum for iPad, which allows its cable subscribers to use their iPad "as an additional TV in the home." In addition to watching live TV, the app also allows Cablevision subscribers to record from the iO TV Listings Channel Guide, manage iO DVRs, browse and view Free On Demand content and view other On Demand content from iO Active Rentals.

The free Optimum for iPad app requires a digital cable box on the iO TV account and an Optimum-provided modem. Last month Time Warner cable released a similar app that lets subscribers view live TV on their iPads (but that does not include the DVR/guide and on demand features of the Optimum app). Shortly after that, Discovery, Fox and Viacom demanded Time Warner remove their channels from the app. Time Warner responded by removing the channels, but also adding new ones to replace them. The new channels included A&E, Disney, Bravo, SyFy, Travel Channel and USA. While the Optimum for iPad app allows Cablevision customers to "watch all of your subscribed-to channels live," it's yet to be seen if Discovery, Fox and Viacom will demand their channels be removed from that app as well.

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