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Super Meat World now orbiting Steam


If you own the Steam version of Super Meat Boy, you're about to be in a user-generated world of pain. According to die-hard developer Team Meat, the free "Super Meat World" level portal is open and serving eight custom-made chapters (comprising about 140 levels) from various players and developers. The entrance will be to the left of Chapter 1 on the menu and will open once you've collected at least 20 bandages.

The next step -- due "in a few days" -- will be a wide release of the Super Meat Boy level editor, initially in the form of a public beta. "The editor will allow people to basically create anything they have seen in game and upload it to Super Meat World with the click of a button," said Edmund McMillen via email. "Users will also eventually gain the ability to create full chapters that can be uploaded and rated by other users."

Here's the best part: Once the editor is deemed "stable," Team Meat will enable "The Unknown," a free feature that automatically stitches user-created levels into an unpredictable, sadistic gauntlet of meat-mincing grinders. Do try to curb that public display of excitement (your Stockholm syndrome is showing).

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