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One Shots: I'll be back

While the majority of April Fools' pranks are now well behind us for another year, there's one still running in Guild Wars -- at least until tomorrow! ArenaNet pulled off a great stunt this year with the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 "Commando." Then the team took it a step further by creating an all-new quest in Guild Wars that adds these future-warriors as part of a special holiday event for players. Today's One Shots of the in-game silliness was snapped by Connor, who explains the fun for those who don't call Tyria home:

"M'name's Connor, and I was browsing through my daily Twitter and forum posts when I saw something new on the ArenaNet twitter account saying something about 'Corporal Bane's last day in Embark Beach.' Being the fanboy I am, I immediately rushed to log in, catching a ship over there. What did I see? A SWAT guy in body armour with a gas mask and an army helicopter. Truly awesome. He starts an instance quest that involved becoming a Soldier and destroying the 'Annihilator' who travelled back in time to kill 'Sarah' who is the mother of Gwen. This is during the Guild Wars, when the Krytan Army had invaded Ascalonian territory. Here's a quick snap from inside that instance. Location is Pre-Searing Ascalon outside of Fort Ranik!"

One Shots is all about our readers' adventures. If you'd like to take part, it's really easy to do. Just snap a screenshot that shows off whatever you want to tell us about, then send it in with your note to us here at Be sure to include your name and the name of the game so we can credit you properly! We'll publish it here on Massively, and you can bask in the glow of those who like your image.

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