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Amanita Design's 'Osada' music video out now, odd forever


Machinarium developer Amanita Design describes its latest creation, the first of three new projects, as an interactive music video with "Czech psychedelic country music." That's a good encapsulation of this diversion, dubbed Osada, but we would also accept:
  • "A weird, Gilliam-esque mix of photography, animation and percussion."
  • "An unsettling, askew view of a day in the life of an insane cowboy."
  • "WHAT."
  • "A bizarre, point-and-click music thingy that only the internet could provide."
Head over to Amanita's website to try it out -- and don't rush through it! You can linger on the parts you like, and download an offline version for later. Didgeridoos and banjos aren't safe in every office, we understand.

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