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EyeTV for iOS 1.2.3 released, introduces AirPlay support


Today, Elgato released version 1.2.3 of its iOS EyeTV software. Now available for download from iTunes, the US$4.99 EyeTV app finally adds the highly-requested AirPlay support so many customers have been looking for.

EyeTV's iOS app works with your home computer, allowing you to view programs recorded by hardware connected to your Macintosh. TUAW has extensively covered EyeTV's hardware/software tuner solutions.

The new AirPlay feature allows you to transmit both live and recorded TV from your iPhone or iPad and route that video to Apple TV (or to third-party receiver applications that support the AirPlay protocol).

Now you can enjoy your TV recordings on the road, not only on your relatively small iPhone or iPad screen but also on any Apple TV/AirPlay receiver, with their large monitor and HDTV support.

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