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April Ask Cryptic talks nemesis, heavy weapons, and player-generated content

Jef Reahard

The nemesis system has long been one of the coolest features of Champions Online -- on paper, at least. The reality of the implementation leaves something to be desired according to players, though, and Cryptic hasn't offered much in the way of concrete details on a possible revamp. Today's Ask Cryptic focuses exclusively on Champions and showcases a number of questions from players keen on divining the future for their favorite costumed alter-egos.

In addition to answering a query about nemesis, Champions devs are put to the test regarding a variety of issues including new heavy weapons skins, targeting concerns, lair updates, and the possibility of a player-content system like Star Trek Online's Foundry. "There is a bit of work to get it to fit Champs but we are checking it out. The Foundry is doing great in Star Trek and we have no doubt you can build stories in Champs that can blow theirs out of the stars," Cryptic says.

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