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Australian AG Clark hesitant to pass R18+ rating

According to a report from The Age, the long-debated Australian R18+ games rating may be shot down again during a July meeting of the nation's Attorneys-General, despite receiving the full support of the federal government. Victoria AG Robert Clark has expressed concern over the proposed ratings adoption, saying he's worried the new classification "would legalize games with high levels of graphic, frequent and gratuitous violence, including violence against civilians and police."

Clark shares the concerns of Australian Christian Lobby director Rob Ward, who said the Classification Board was "asleep at the wheel" when it granted titles like Grand Theft Auto 4 and House of the Dead: Overkill MA15+ ratings, allowing them to be released in the territory. Ward added, "that's not a reason to create an R18+ category. That's a reason to clip them behind the ear." Whoa, there, fella. Now who's being violent?

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