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CCP releases EVE Online planetary interaction video tutorial

Jef Reahard

EVE Online's learning curve is somewhat notorious (if not downright legendary) and may even be part of the reason the game's hardcore fans are so hardcore. There is truly nothing like it in the MMO space (and not much in gaming period aside from Elite and the X series). Getting into the ebb and flow of New Eden is challenging even for seasoned video game vets, and that was before CCP added a new wrinkle in the form of planetary interaction.

Luckily, the Icelandic development firm is also producing some spiffy video tutorials to help capsuleers wrap their brains around everything from scanning to harvesting resources from planets. A new planetary interaction video covers the basics including required modules, skills, and the successful manipulation of the new interface additions, all of it presented with in-game footage and voiceover narration. Check it after the cut or via CCP's YouTube portal.

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