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City of Heroes Issue 20 now live

Heroes and villains, the time has come to vie for the future of the Earth itself in City of Heroes. Issue 20: Incarnates is now live, and the battle between the praetorians and the superheroes of Primal Earth has escalated to a fever-pitch. Only the very strongest and bravest among you will have the chance to stand against Emperor Cole and save all mankind from utter destruction at this madman's hands.

This newest update to City of Heroes continues the new storyline started in Going Rogue. As such, players will need the expansion to be able to take advantage of the majority of the newest content such as the Lambda Sector Incarnate trial and the Behavioral Adjustment Facility. It also introduces new powers for heroes and villains, along with a host of other great content. So while your client is patching, you can watch the launch trailer we've tucked behind the break or check out our exclusive I20 dev diary if you haven't already!

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