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Killzone 3 'Steel Rain' DLC out tomorrow in Europe, April 12 in US


You've shot a man in every place, but you've run out of locations in which to shoot him. Fortunately, there's no greater marriage of domains and bullet-riddled defeat than in Killzone 3, which is set to receive a downloadable map pack after tomorrow's European PSN update. North American PSN users can expect it on Tuesday, April 12.

The "Steel Rain" DLC contains "Junkyard," a Guerrilla Warfare map that'll amass even more detritus from demolished jetpacks and toppled exoskeletons, and "Stahl Arms," a Warzone map set in a Helghan weapons manufacturing plant. Between the two battlefields, you're getting a basic glimpse at the dooming, doomed life of a gun.

The two-pack will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the first month of availability, and will otherwise cost €4,99 ($4.99 on the US store).

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