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Mortal Kombat tournament koming to Bally's Las Vegas May 14-15


Planning to be in Vegas later this summer and know a thing or three about pulling off Fatalities? Good news: PDP Tournaments is coming to Bally's in Las Vegas on May 14 through 15, and is bringing along $21,000 in prize money for a Mortal Kombat tournament.

All you need to do to enter is sign up on the event's website (though you'll need to book a place to stay if you're not from around there, of course). The tourney will be played using official PDP Mortal Kombat joysticks, so you've got the option to shell out $129.99 at sign-up for your own to practice on.

The event sounds exciting: double elimination over two days of nothing but MK. Good luck to everyone who enters; we'll help you start psyching up right now.

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