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Star Wars: The Old Republic highlights the PAX East experience


The number of people who stood in line for hours just for the chance to play Star Wars: The Old Republic at PAX East is incredible. We have heard reports of people going through the hours-long wait two and three times just because they enjoyed the game so much, which just goes to show the dedication these fans have not only for the game but for the Star Wars brand.

To commemorate that experience, the community team for SWTOR has put together a video of the drama that was this year's PAX East. The crowds, the lines, and the fans really brought the experience together. The video runs just over three minutes, and it takes you through the crowds rushing to the booth, fans experiencing the game, and exhibitors showing off one of the most anticipated MMOs of the year.

Pop past the break to see the video and taste the a little bit of the SWTOR PAX experience for yourself.

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