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How to make a custom wooden 'antique' iPad case


Gary Katz, the same DIY guy behind this cool iPhone shoebox theater, has crafted a delightfully retro-looking case for his iPad 2 out of "about $20 worth of materials." Calling it "An iPad Case from 1945," Katz used a bill of materials that just about anyone might find in their garage or basement: a few blocks and squares of wood, an old pair of shorts, screws, a luggage tag, magnets, wood glue and wood stain.

All put together, the case looks like something that'd be right at home in my grandparents' den, and I mean that in a good way. At the very least, I have to give Katz credit for producing something with a custom retro look without also going steampunk like virtually everybody else. The case does indeed look like it belongs in a film noir from the 40s; if I had even the slightest degree of handicrafts skills (I definitely don't), I might try my hand at making one of these myself.

Katz has posted full instructions for reproducing his efforts, so if you've got the materials, the skills, and you'd like a case that looks like it could go well with a fedora, a scotch on the rocks and a midnight fistfight in a Los Angeles bar, get cracking.

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