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New DC Universe Online trailer pits players against Brainiac Batman

Eliot Lefebvre

The DC Universe has a bit of a Brainiac problem. Actually, the universe of DC Universe Online has several problems -- it sort of goes hand-in-hand with a superhero milieu -- but the overarching threat has been Brainiac since the beginning, and the newest group raid just makes that more apparent. An earlier Facebook posting showed off the trailer for the newest piece of group content, featuring Brainiac taking over one of the more immediately recognizable parts of the game's setting -- the Batcave.

Cited by the narration as "a crucial location in digitizing Earth," the Brainiac Sub-Construct features players facing off against a number of mechanical enemies as well as the Dark Knight himself. Yes, Batman has been infected and brought under the villain's control, and it's up to the players to force their way through the infected cave and bring things back to normal. DC Universe Online fans can check out the video embedded just after the break.

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