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One Shots: Thousands of pairs of eyes upon you

While the cheerily lit windows of a village may prove a warm, cozy sight in the case of some fantasy towns, today's RIFT screenshot gives one the feeling of anything but. Weary travelers will find no solace here, as this is the city of the goblins. Behind each of those windows lies an enemy fueled by the hatred and the fiery powers of the riftdwellers, each bent on destruction. Definitely not the kind of place one looks for a friendly tavern to pass the night!

Today's darkly stunning RIFT screenshot comes to us from chadwich, who writes in to tell us of his travels in this area: "[This is] the nexus of the Goblin city, Darkening Deeps. My party and I explored deep into this cave in search of the head of the goblins' master. Eventually we put a stop to their insidious plans and brought their vile masters to justice. In the name of the Vigil!"

Found a spooky spot in your favorite MMO? Feel like sharing your shiver-inducing screenshot? If so, email it in to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of the area in the picture. It's not scary to do at all.

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