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ESPN launches Watch ESPN app that lets you do just that


ESPN is one of those big media producers that has done well on the App Store -- not only has the company released a number of successful apps for its various properties, but the content sells well on iTunes also. Now, the company is actually sending content directly to your iOS device.

By downloading a new app called Watch ESPN, and hooking it up to a certain internet/TV provider account, you can watch ESPN and its various spinoff channels right on your iPhone. Currently, the service only works with subscribers to Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable or Verizon FiOS TV, but ESPN is presumably working with as many other providers as possible to make sure that if you can watch the channel at home, you can watch it on your iOS device as well.

This is a very cool bonus for people with the right services, and hopefully we'll see it open up to more viewers soon. This is undoubtedly driven by the attention around Time Warner's cable viewing app, which also allows you to watch streaming cable TV right on your iPad. The floodgates are open with that one -- once one service lets customers choose when and where they want to watch the TV they subscribe to, the pressure's on for all of the other cable providers to do the same.

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