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Ex-LucasArts devs form November Software, aim to 'elevate social gaming'


Three former Force Unleashed series developers and an ex-EA Sports programmer have joined up to form November Software, an indie studio with lofty ambitions: "to elevate social gaming to a new standard and deliver high-end 3D content to the web, iPhone and iPad." The team's first project, Inemeri: A Familiar World, will be a free-to-play social game for browsers and iOS devices.

"We are striving to hit a quality bar higher than any game running directly in your browser, iPhone or iPad," declares a statement on the game site's About page. The team claims to "have collectively invented a new way to build games from the ground up," with Inemeri said to feature a "new engine and plugin based around a concept of 'streaming'" powering a "challenging and inspiring 3D world that can be explored creatively." Yes, that's a hot air ... balloon.

November Software plans to launch a closed beta test of Inemeri this summer. Volunteers are currently being accepted through this signup page.

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