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Final Fantasy XI lays out plans for its anniversary celebration

Eliot Lefebvre

As of May 16th, Final Fantasy XI will have been running for nine years. That's quite a milestone for any game, and it's the sort of thing that deserves quite a celebration. Square-Enix outlined plans today for the full-featured cavalcade of events, starting with the nine-year anniversary art contest that's just kicked off. But players with a dearth of artistic talent needn't worry, as they'll still get to participate in other events, such as the 2011 Vana'diel Census, which will be collecting a plethora of interesting trivia about characters across the globe.

Still not enough? Of course not. There's also an anniversary Mog Bonanza around the corner, complete with a variety of prizes as always. And the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is set to start up on the day of the anniversary itself, letting players who want to celebrate the game's history do so in style. Whether you've been with the game since its launch many years ago or just got into it recently, you can enjoy the many ways Final Fantasy XI commemorates its birthday.

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