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AT&T kills Video Share for the few who care


If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear? That's what we asked ourselves upon seeing reports that some AT&T customers were being treated to the message on the right. We pinged AT&T for comment and received the following statement:

AT&T is discontinuing our Video Share service. As we look ahead to the next generation of live, mobile video calling services, we're evaluating new platforms and other ways we can evolve our mobile video calling offers. We've already begun to notify subscribers directly and will work with them to adjust their monthly charges accordingly. The service will be retired later this year.
Video Share was a technology launched by AT&T's in the summer of 2007 that allowed select 3G devices to stream live video while on a voice call, by taking advantage of simultaneous voice and data on AT&T's network. If you are one of the three people still using the service, please accept our condolences.

[Thanks, Justin]

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