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Battlefield 3 will have lower framerate and resolution, lose certain effects on consoles


Here's the thing: everything we've seen of Battlefield 3 has been running on PC, and maybe five percent of PC players are going to get that kind of graphical fidelity. For a lot of folks, the console version is going to be their only choice -- so what should they expect?

According to DICE executive producer Patrick Bach, the console version obviously won't have all the graphical bells and whistles of its PC counterpart. Speaking to Videogamer, Bach said the console port will lack the "higher resolution, the higher framerate, the anti-aliasing, the motion blur, stuff like that" that we've seen in the trailers released so far.

Still, it's not all doom and gloom. Despite some performance differences between Bad Company 2 on the PC and consoles, for example, both run quite smoothly and looked great.

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