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Kick it into overdrive: ARGO Online's open beta starts today


Forget the Starship Enterprise -- the 23rd century apparently has more interesting tales to tell with a wild blend of steampunk and fantasy. If the world of ARGO Online has intrigued you, then you'll be a-jitter with excitement to know that burda:ic's latest title is going into open beta today.

The team's also posted a new interview with SongQwo, the head of ARGO Online's development. How does he feel about how it turned out? "I am very proud of the game. I'm actually quite popular -- for my kids and their friends and schoolmates I'm sort of a celebrity... And after the last steps of optimization, we think that ARGO became a quite nice game."

ARGO Online's been proceeding on course through a series of closed beta tests over the past few months, so the announcement of open beta is a good indication that the game is nearing launch. You can check it out for yourself by signing up at the official site.

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