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One Shots: Friendly advice

You never can tell what kind of strange and interesting people you'll run into at your local MMO tavern. Some prefer to drink and play cards, others prefer to gossip, and then there are those folks who use these social spots to find dungeon groups. Today's image from RIFT not only offers us a look at one such dungeon-running hopeful but also nets us some sage -- and funny -- advice.

Undoubtedly anyone who has raided in World of Warcraft would take exception to the advice today's contributor, Melissa, received from this well-meaning gentleman. However, as this is from RIFT, Melissa wanted to pass it along: "I'm an explorer in MMO cities and will typically go to just about every corner of a building and meet all the town's citizens. In Sanctum I met Mitch, an un-Ascended Adventurer, and he gave me a bit of advice about dungeon fires. He also told me he has trouble finding groups for dungeons, since he can only die once."

We love adventurers who find funny things in familiar MMO landscapes. For that matter, we love seeing games that aren't often featured here too! If you'd like to contribute to One Shots, it's very easy to do. Email a screenshot showing off a slice of life from the MMO you're currently playing to us here at Make sure you add in your name, the name of the game, and a note about what we're seeing in the picture as well. From there, we'll whip up a One Shots post spotlighting your image and post it here on Massively.

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