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PSP overtakes 3DS in weekly Japanese hardware sales ranking

The 3DS launched in Japan a little over a month ago, but already, the handheld seems to be losing a bit of steam. The deep-screened device slipped to second place in the weekly Media Create rankings, falling behind the PSP by a margin of about 15,000 units. What's more, according to a report from Japanese news site Inside Games, only around 836,000 3DS units have been sold in Japan so far -- a little over half of the initial Japanese shipment.

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11 are likely a huge contributing factor to the device's slow start, and could be tied to the lack of a strong post-launch software lineup, which is certainly hurting sales. Only one 3DS title, Namco's Pro Baseball Famista 2011, made it into the Top 10 in software sales for the week of March 28, compared to six PSP games.

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