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Verizon pushes out update for Galaxy Tab, promises improved battery life, browser performance


Feeling less than enthused with your Galaxy Tab? Verizon is rolling out an update to the tablet, whose forthcoming LTE radio and higher-resolution rear camera took us by surprise at CES. In particular, the tweaks promise to speed up browser performance and extend battery life, particularly when searching for WiFi hotspots. The update also packs a slew of improvements to the non-Gmail email app (if you even use it), including better font sizing and linking, a line in the status bar indicating the time the email was received, larger attachment openings, Word doc downloads, and the ability to send multiple name cards. If your Tab hasn't received the update yet, well, keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Verizon's LTE Galaxy Tab is still in the works; this fix will help conserve the current 3G Tab's battery life, particularly while it searches for WiFi hotspots.

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