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Aventurine tweaking Darkfall's newbie experience

Jef Reahard

Darkfall can be pretty intimidating for newbs, and that's before they're killed and stripped of all their meager belongings. The game's learning curve is considerable, whether it's the unconventional UI or the vast world of Agon and the lack of themepark-style direction from one area to the next.

Aventurine's latest activity report indicates that the dev team is hard at work on improving the new user experience. Over half of the game's quests (yes, it does have them, even though it's a sandbox) have been rewritten, and many new training quests are being added. Starting areas will also be seeing some changes in the upcoming relaunch campaign. New characters will no longer choose from three starting towns; instead, they'll begin in a single racial capital city. Additionally, NPC racial vendors will offer the same services regardless of whether they're located in the capital or the outlying faction towns.

The activity report also drops a few hints about new art assets (including the infernal image above) as well as the new armor specialization system that is currently under development. Check out the Darkfall Epic Blog for further details.

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