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Birth a dragon from your chest with this 3DS AR card t-shirt


Sure, the augmented reality cards included with the 3DS are super neat, but how about making a giant one and posing it next to an oversize Tetsujin 28-go statue? Ohhh ... right. Or maybe drawing one on a whiteboard? But you've already done that too? Okay, okay, we've got it -- you could wear one like a shirt! Wait, what?! Dammit!

Well, anyway, assuming you weren't one of the first 3,000 European 3DS registrants to receive Nintendo's bonus AR t-shirt, Level Up Studios has you covered! The company's $18 black t-shirt comes adorned with the same question mark block seen on the official Nintendo equivalent, only a bit larger (and nicer looking, we'd say).

Head past the break for a video of the shirt in terrifying live action.

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