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T-Mobile unlimited plans coming April 13th with a catch


If you've been waiting for T-Mobile to introduce unlimited plans that include everything, it's time to do the happy dance! It looks like everyone's favorite magenta carrier will be adding "Truly Unlimited Data + Talk + Text" plans to its lineup on April 13th. According to the leaked screenshots, Even More customers (who purchase a subsidized phone and agree to a two-year contract) will be able to choose a $79 plan, while Event More Plus customers (who bring a compatible device and are commitment free) will benefit from a $59 plan. There's a catch, however: T-Mobile will throttle data speeds until the next billing cycle if data usage exceeds 2GB. Also, this offer only appears to apply to individual customer plans, not to family plans. So go ahead, celebrate -- just keep an eye on that data cap, OK?

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