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The Daily Grind: Shut a game down or let it waste away?

Eliot Lefebvre

It's not exactly a good time to be a player of Vanguard. Actually, it hasn't been a good time for more than a year now -- while the game isn't shutting down, the December letter that essentially announced the game's development was no longer ongoing was a serious blow to the game's vitality. What's in the game now may very well be all that will ever be in the game. Of course, you can argue that the players are still better off than members of The Matrix Online's community, since that game went completely offline.

But is that really better? Many Vanguard fans almost wanted the game to turn off when SOE made the first announcement, and perhaps in some ways it's better to shut down with grace than waste away on progressively slower and smaller updates. Which would you rather face in your favorite game? A slow fading into the darkness, where the game is still online but less vibrant with each day? Or a cancellation that removes the game forever, cutting you off from an old friend but granting closure?

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