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Breakfast Topic: Has Cataclysm been a game-changer for you?

Thom Stricklin

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

As early news leaked out about Cataclysm, I couldn't help but be excited. With the changes to raids, heroics, guilds, and gear, I looked forward to a version of WoW that provided more challenge but also better accommodated my own personal playstyle. However, I didn't expect to be playing a different main character for the first time in nearly four years of playing.

I was smitten and fiercely loyal to my main, a night elf feral druid named Aanye. Sure, I had other toons ... I'd been slowly leveling each of the other tank classes because I enjoy tanking. Still, Aanye would always be my main, right?

Well, let's face it: Cata has not been kind to bears. Don't get me wrong ... I'm glad the class has moved beyond swipe spam; AoE threat at 85 isn't that bad, and I think these changes will inevitably lead bears to a brighter future -- some day. But a month into Cataclysm, I just wasn't having any fun on Aanye.

So, I decided to powerlevel my warrior to 85 ... and I'm so glad that I did. Protection warriors are loud, raw, and deceptively simple; all we do is hit things, but there are oh so many creative ways to hit things. The multitude of choices keeps me on my toes; if I make a mistake, I will certainly feel it. But when I bring my A game, my warrior is a creature of extraordinary grace. In terms of gameplay, I'm having more fun now than I've ever had before. And I owe it all to my poor, neglected bear.

Has Cataclysm changed the way you play the game in an unexpected way?

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