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Japanese hardware sales, March 28 - April 3: Masterful edition

Given our deep, deep well of love for the Hot Shots Golf franchise, we decided to spend this weekend immersing ourselves into the athletic dramas of the 2011 Masters Tournament. As far as we can tell, there appear to be two main differences between Clap Hanz's adorable rendition of the club-centric sport and its real-life counterpart:
  • Real golf does not feature rainbow trails behind mid-air balls
  • Hot Shots Golf does not feature as much absolute obliteration of the human spirit
Sure, we expected this first point -- but the second came as an absolute shock. As we understood it, real-golf was something people did to enjoy themselves outdoors with a leisurely paced, friendly game. Instead, it's actually a perpetual disappointment machine which feeds off of the shattered hopes of its lifelong players, producing thick black clouds of raw anguish in its wake. We'll stick with rainbow trails, thank you very much.

- PSP: 57,379 [UP] 6,900 (13.67%)
- 3DS: 42,979 [DOWN] 7,731 (15.25%)
- PS3: 27,453 [DOWN] 1,520 (5.25%)
- Wii: 10,249 [DOWN] 1,559 (13.20%)
- DSi LL: 9,706 [DOWN] 54 (0.55%)
- DSi: 9,566 [UP] 962 (11.18%)
- PS2: 1,996 [UP] 134 (7.20%)
- Xbox 360: 1,789 [DOWN] 174 (8.86%)
- PSP Go: 696 [UP] 80 (12.99%)
- DS Lite: 629 [DOWN] 101 (13.84%)

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