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The Daily Grind: Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

Eliot Lefebvre

Single-player games have at least one distinct advantage over MMOs -- they don't go anywhere. You can spend months not playing one, and if you're behind at all, it's just a matter of not having bought all the DLC as it became available. Not so with online games, where a few months off can leave you behind the curve in both gear and incremental changes to your class of choice, making it almost easier to just start over. Even in a game like Guild Wars, where your character is never going anywhere and returning to the game just requires a login, losing some in-game time can leave you out in the cold.

For some players, of course, this is what makes taking some time off attractive in the first place. The progression itself is enjoyable, not the end goal, and it's more fun to come back to World of Warcraft every few months to earn up new equipment rather than keep playing with the equipment you've got. So what about you? Are you more or less likely to return to a game as time passes? Do you get turned off by thinking of how much catching up you'll need to do, or is that the part of the game that really excites you anyway?

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