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Analyst: Angry Birds sets record for most downloads on PSN [update]


At this point, we're finding that these furious fowl may just be perpetually pissed off. What do they have to be so angry about? Angry Birds is doing very well on PSN, according to Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian (via Develop) -- he says it's set a record for downloads on the platform.

Developer Rovio reported over 100 million downloads for the title as of last month, which includes free versions and, of course, the PSN port. As it stands, we haven't received any platform-specific figure, but we do know the game has been charting for months now.

Update: We were contacted by a Sony spokesperson, who told us the Lazard Capital Markets report featured inaccurate information. "Angry Birds was the top paid downloaded PSN game in January 2011 and February 2011," we were told, not the most downloaded game of all time as the initial report claimed.

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