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BloodRayne: The Shroud for 3DS 'on hold'


On the official Facebook page for BloodRayne: Betrayal, the upcoming downloadable spinoff of Majesco's dormant last-gen action series, a commenter asked about BloodRayne: The Shroud for 3DS. The mysterious title made its first and only appearance on a list of in-development 3DS games, which was released by Nintendo during E3 last year. Nonetheless, The Shroud's brief unveiling had made enough of a lasting impression on one fan to warrant a question about the game's status some ten months later.

"The 3DS title is currently on hold," responded the administrator of the BloodRayne Facebook page. "We'll be sure to share any news when it's available." A representative for Majesco confirmed with Joystiq that "BloodRayne 3DS is currently on hold for now," but did not provide further information about the game.

Following a pair of BloodRayne titles from developer Terminal Reality for last-gen consoles and a Playboy cover spread, the franchise has stumbled along in a trilogy of Uwe Boll films. A PSP sequel was announced in 2005, but eventually abandoned by Majesco. Betrayal, scheduled to launch on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this summer, would be the first BloodRayne game released since the 2005 PC port of BloodRayne 2.

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