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Capcom: No plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2 'at this time'


If you're eager to find out about the ongoing adventures of Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe, and Kay Faraday (like we are), we have some possibly distressing news to report. Capcom is currently denying any plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2. During a recent "Ask Capcom" video, VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson answered a question about the game pretty flatly: "The answer is 'no.' Sorry about that."

He echoed this sentiment in a less definite manner on other occasions, telling Capcom forum members "Regarding AAI2 sorry guys, there's no plans for Western release at this time." Finally, he clarified Capcom's position in a statement to Siliconera: "Regarding the question, plans change all the time so I would probably rather use the 'There are no plans for a Western release at this time for AAI2.'"

We can't help but be reminded of Atlus's recent declaration of "no plans" to localize Catherine, followed two days later by the announcement of a North American release. As for Capcom, there were no plans for a Western release of the Wii port of Resident Evil Zero, either -- Svensson even said that Capcom USA was "asked twice if we've wanted to bring it Westward and twice we've declined." The third time, it relented; the game came out in North America in 2009. So, yes, plans change all the time.

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