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Illyriad's second tournament asks players to kill bunnies and kittens


All right, so the title of this news piece might be a little misleading, but in the browser-based game Illyriad, players have been asked by the king to pursue packs of NPC animals in the hopes of netting special specimen creatures. These creatures will eventually find a home in a new Museum of Natural History, so players will be competing to see who can capture the most. Players can control anything from armies of soldiers or individual units, and almost anyone can participate. At the end of the contest, special units will be sent out to collect these specimens and prizes will be given for various categories like Most Complete Unique Collection or Greatest Hunter.

Don't worry: The contest will run for a solid month, so all players have time to take a swing at it. If you would like to find out more information about the game, you can go to the official site, or you can find all the details of the contest right on the forums.

Good luck to all those players smashing bunnies!

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