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Parrot set to release AR.FlyingAce game for AR.Drone quadricopter


The TUAW blogging team has had a group gadget crush on the US$299 AR.Drone quadricopter since we first got our anxious little hands on the iPhone-controlled flying machine at Macworld Expo 2010. At the time, manufacturer Parrot said that it would be coming out with an open software development kit so that iOS developers could whip up their own apps.

Last year, Parrot started selling its own augmented-reality game, AR.Pursuit ($2.99) on the iTunes App Store. If you have a couple of AR.Drones or have friends with the devices, you can play a virtual "tag" type game with the app and drones. But we've all been waiting for the dogfighting app that Parrot has been teasing us with since Day One.

Now iLounge is reporting that you'll be able to pursue and shoot down (virtually) other AR.Drones starting on Tax Day, April 15 -- a day you'll probably want to be wreaking havoc as you rush to get your taxes done by the later 2011 deadline of April 18. The AR.FlyingAce app is going to hit the App Store at a yet-undisclosed price, and the app requires a couple of AR.Drones, but if the preview video (next page) is any indication, it looks like a barrel of fun.

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