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Alienware M18x appears on Dell's Canadian site, glares at you from afar

Tim Stevens

We've been hearing rumors of an 18-inch addition to the Alienware line for some time, and now its big-eyed visage is making an appearance -- in Canada. The M18x configuration page has gone live on Dell's Canadian site, though curiously it's displaying what looks to be a picture of the M17x. The system starts at just over $2,000 CAD with a 2.8GHz Core i7 processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 320GB of storage, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics. But, our more well-heeled neighbors to the north can step up to a 3.4GHz processor, 8GB of memory, 750GB of storage, and dual AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics cards, pushing the price up nearly another $1,000. The 18.4-inch display manages a full 1080p resolution and you can have any operating system you like -- so long as its Windows 7 Home Premium. The estimated ship date has this thing leaving the factory in early May, which means it should start hitting the domestic configurator soon enough.

Update: Daniel wrote in to let us know that the M14x is there as well -- though it looks to be in the process of being taken down.

[Thanks, Nicklas]

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