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Digitimes: No iPad 3 this year


Remember back in February when the iPad 2 hadn't even launched yet, but there were already rumors of an iPad 3 set to hit the market this fall? Well, according to Digitimes, those rumors aren't likely to amount to anything this year. When iPad 3 rumors originally surfaced, the idea was thrown around that the iPad 2 may be a kind of transitional product, and the "real" iPad upgrade would appear in the fall as a kind of iPad 2.5 model. Now Digitimes' sources are stating that iPad component makers have "not yet received any notice for next generation iPad products and do not believe iPad 2 is a transitional product."

Another big rumor for the iPad 3 was that it will sport a Retina Display. While it's likely it will, it's not likely an iPad with a Retina Display will appear this year. Sources told Digitimes that while Apple has been asking touchscreen panel makers to provide screens that can provide higher resolutions than the current iPad 2 screen, the project is still in the "initial planning stage" and thus unlikely to appear in 2011. In short, if you're holding off getting an iPad 2 because you expect Apple to launch an iPad 3 in the fall, don't hold your breath.

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